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Blog by Ágnes Szabados

This year I had the opportunity to rethink the side of another well-known person. This time I redesigned Ágnes Szabados' blog a bit. The site itself is located on the interface of blog.hu, which unfortunately results in the framework and the related templates unfortunately giving the imagination a fairly short leash. Nevertheless, by the end of the work, I think we had managed to grind with Ági and get to know a great person in it. With a lot of busy times, he has time to pay attention to the little things and knead things until he gets what he wants. It was no different now. I was very happy to be able to work with him and to be able to help with the process of campaigning for such a noble goal. After all, Ági's site is primarily intended to promote reading, of which I am a big fan myself, so it was a special excitement to participate in the project.

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