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Péter Teszáry - individual entrepreneur

Headquarters: 6772 Deszk, Béke u 37 / c | Hungary

Email: hello@peterteszary.com

Start of entrepreneurial activity: 01.02.2020.

Registration number: 54532441

Registering authority: Ministry of the Interior

Tax number: 55802699-1-26

Professional interest representation organization: Organization of Commerce and Industry

Hosted by:

Subscriber's data is managed by the "EVOLUTIONET Service and Trade Limited Liability Company" (Evolutionet Kft.).

Headquarters: 7342 Mágocs, 75 Széchenyi Street.

Company registration number: 02 09 075023

Tax number: 14992511-2-02

Website address: www.szerverzum.hu

and www.domain-tarhely.net

Central e-mail address of customer service: ugyfelszolgalat@szerverzum.hu

Customer service phone number: +36 30 503 1929
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