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My name is Peter Teszáry...

I am passionate about building WordPress websites and Woocommerce webshops. Thanks to the experience I have gained over the years, I am confident in using these platforms and helping my clients to leverage their online presence. I also put a lot of emphasis on SEO to ensure that their websites rank high in search engines. I am in constant communication with them to understand their needs and ideas and implement them in the best possible way. If you want a modern, functional and optimized website or webshop, please contact me!
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peterteszary Portré kép
💻 I am a full-time individual freelancer.

🛠️ I love to work with page builders :
Oxygen Builder | Bricks Builder | Elementor | The Divi Builder

📐 Web Design tools:
· Figma, Inkscape, Krita, PhotoShop, Illustrator, XD


🖱Front-end Development
· HTML, CSS, SASS, API, Javascript, jQuery,

🥋 Framework
· Tailwind, Bootstrap, Automatic.css

⌨️Back-end Development
· Python, LAMP, WAMP, PHP, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, WP-CLI

· WordPress, WooCommerce, On-Site/Technical SEO, Keyword research

📊 Project Management
· Version Control, Agile, Kanban, Git, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket

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