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I made Roll-up plans for the Vitamin C Clinic. At first only 1 Roll-Up was planned, then later it was expanded to 3 pieces.

The idea was to have a general character that carried the company’s message with its associated style cues, and then I had to make one that said a few words about the doctors and included their photo. Then we had the third one, which describes the related services and technological readiness. For all three, it was important to have a uniform image and uniform appearance.

Their logo and website availability are listed everywhere. And the color scheme and layout are similar everywhere. I really enjoyed working on this project and I think it went well. Since many elements were already given, my work focused around a good and clear layout. That's why I tried to make it possible to recognize from afar what Roll-up means. I had to design them to be eye-catching, colorful and full of life that would catch the eye. However, they also had to reflect professionalism.

If you would like such cool Roll-ups for yourself or your company then contact me

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