American Chicken webshop re-design -

American Chicken webshop re-design


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Pizza Builder
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I had previously helped start my favorite restaurant American Chicken's webshop because some things weren’t okay to get started yet. In 2019, however, I was lucky enough to rethink (re-design) the site. I have been given a new look with real American colors, new features and an in-house pizza builder menu item where the customer can put together the pizza themselves and select the desired condition. Of course, the work is not over yet, because they are constantly brainstorming how to make it even more enjoyable for gastronomy lovers. There will definitely be one or two more interesting challenges, but I’ve loved working with them so far because they have a great mindset. A cozy page for a cozy restaurant. Great tastes and kind service await those who want to bite into something really delicious. Check out the webshop and order something too. I hope I can help them with more cool stuff in the future.

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