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Website development

Let's create a website for your business, personal portfolio, introductory page. Creating WordPress websites with a unique design. With short deadlines and full service.

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WebShop development

Let's create your online store. Creating WooCommerce web stores with a unique design. Secure payment methods, full implementation, and more features.
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SEO | Marketing

Execution of SEO, Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. Integration of CRM systems into your website, campaign building. Marketing strategy analysis and consulting.
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Web Design

Let's create the identity of your business, personal portfolio, introductory page, webshop, social media presence. I can create a wide range of web design elements for you.
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If you are unsure or don't know exactly what you want,
If you already know exactly, but don't know how to get started,
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Ask for a free consultation which does not involve any obligation yet, but we can discuss the details.
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Why should you work with me?

I'm Péter Teszáry, a freelance sitebuilder. I have been building websites and webshops since 2016. I would like to briefly explain why you should work with me.

Latest works

Szegedifotok.hu Re-Design and website development

Faidom Ltd. website development

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C-vitamin Clinic website development

Coronavirus testing website development

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Gyula Szűcs
Founder, iffk.hu, faidom.hu, afertotlenito.hu
"All in time and as expected, very understandable, prompt and patient communication!"
Tamás Oláh
President, Szegedi Lábtenisz Szövetség
"Precise, creative, fast, reliable! What had to be uploaded to the Foot Tennis website, Facebook page, in the expected quality (sometimes even better), was uploaded quickly. Thank you!"
Zsolt Vörös
Founder, Redfocus Films
"Quality service, at the right price! If you don't believe it, give it a try!;)"
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TC Event
C-vitamin Clinic
Elte dh
Faidom Kft.
German Gold
Jelena Kepic
PlantaDrone Kft.
Redfocus Films
Nekedvaló blog
Szeged Christian Roma Vocational College
Tdsst Sarmatia Kft.
Dr. Ferenc Gábor Zsarnai Notary Office