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What should your logo look like?


What should your logo look like?

The logo is an essential image element for any business. Whether it’s a simple letter logo or a well-thought-out shape that shapes the company. That’s what it is. I’ve worked with a lot of clients and I’ve gotten to know a lot of different types of clients over the years.

Recognition of the Logo is important

What they have in common is that they all want their logo to be special and original. The most important thing when choosing a logo is to be well recognizable. It doesn’t have to be too taciturned and the ornamental elements are masterfully interwoven.
The important thing is to recognize it out of a thousand. Think of the Google, Facebook, or Coca-Cola logo. These letter logos are absolutely unthinkable. Their excellence lies in their simplicity. The logo of WWF, Apple, or even Adidas is terribly simple. Precisely to make it the easiest to identify.

The logo is your symbol

The logo is a symbol of your business, so the easier it is to capture, the easier it will be to recognize yourself later to people. The idea that less is sometimes more is perfectly applicable here. In the early days, I made countless versions for the client.
The problem with this is that if you get too many versions, you won’t be able to decide in the confusion of abundance. That way, you’ll suck both the customer and yourself, because you won’t be able to choose and you might as well ask for a new version.

As with the ice cream parlor, it is true that if the selection is large, the customer will not be able to choose. Be his pre-filter and give him only the versions you think are best. There are also 3-5 versions maximum.

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