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#4 – What are tags and why are they important?


Tags are another built-in WordPress taxonomy type used to group content in a more detailed and specific way. While categories generally cover broad topics or content types, tags describe content in more detail and assign specific keywords or phrases to them.

Below is a summary of the characteristics and functions of tags:

  1. Specific characterization: tags allow a more detailed characterization of the content. For example, if your website is a gastronomy blog, one of the categories could be “Recipes”, but the tags could be “gluten-free”, “vegetarian”, “dessert”, etc. Tags help to further define and describe the content.
  2. For example, if you have several posts in the topic “summer recipes”, you can tag these posts with the same tag, for example “summer” or “summer food”. This allows visitors to easily find related content.
  3. Dynamic content display: you can use tags for dynamic content display and customization. WordPress allows you to create lists, pages, or widgets based on tags that automatically update when you create new content with that tag.
  4. Search engine optimization. The use of specific keywords or phrases in tags can help make content easier to find by search engines and can improve a website’s SEO performance.

You can easily add, edit or delete tags in the admin interface. However, it’s important to keep your list of tags tidy and not to use too many or redundant tags to keep your content structured and make your website easily searchable.

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