American Chicken Re-Design 2021 -

American Chicken Re-Design 2021

WebShop Development


WebShop re-design

SimplaPay integration

Custom product fields

Pizza Builder


Deprimo Plusz Kft.

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I have worked with the American Chicken team many times already. I love working together because they always come up with some new creative ideas. They love to change, their business grows and I always try to help. It hasn’t happened any other year this year. I have redesigned their web interface, which now consists of two webshops. We keep some items, but both sites are basically dressed in new robes. In addition to the new payment methods introduced earlier, we have also integrated a number of features that make it easier for customers to tailor their orders. After all, a good customer experience and convenient shopping are important. The development of the Webshop is not over here, of course. There are always new tasks.

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