American Chicken WebShop development -

American Chicken WebShop development

WebShop Development


Takeover of a semi-finished webshop

Completion of webshop


Deprimo Plusz Kft.

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This year, I was honored to work on the webshop of one of my favorite restaurants, American Chicken. I don’t write that I made it because it’s not entirely true. The basic functions of the site were already in place, but the web store, ie the online ordering and related functions, was not yet operational. I helped you get started with this, as well and several other little things that will help you order more easily, conveniently, and provide information about the orders. I have been in touch with the owners of the restaurant ever since and occasionally help with their little things to provide a fantastic gastronomic experience for everyone. Great flavors, great food, and constant innovations await lovers of flavors. I’m glad to be a part of this “chicken” story.

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