New cover and profile picture of Havana Brasserie -

New cover and profile picture of Havana Brasserie

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Not so long ago, I made a novelty or two for Havana Brewery: A new profile picture, a new banner, and a new drink promotion creative.

I updated the visuals a bit to suit the season. With summery colors and interesting shapes.

With colors and a sense of life

I filled my Facebook profile picture with a little life. I also redesigned the old logo so I thought it could be a little more colorful instead of the plain white background. I also modified the header because variety is important. Since Havana is the capital of Cuba, I thought it would be appropriate if the cover image evoked a bit of a Cuban vibe. And for the beverage promotion, I used a natural background, as I primarily sought contrast here and to highlight important information.

I hope you like the design too. If you, or your business, or an acquaintance might need graphics or any creative stuff, don’t hesitate to write to me.

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