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What is an SSL certificate?


What is an SSL certificate good for?

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol provides communication between two communicating parties (such as a client and a server) with encryption and authentication.

For example, when we provide credit card information or personal information on a website, an SSL certificate assures us that this information will not be leaked or passed on to third parties. Therefore, it is especially important for sites where some information is exchanged to have an SSL certificate.

With the help of the SSL certificate, our data is encrypted, which can only be decrypted by the receiving party. This ensures that the data is not stolen.

Since August 6, 2014, Google has favored pages with an SSL certificate, so search engines like Google rank higher than pages that don’t have that certificate.

To make sure that the page you are visiting has an SSL certificate, we can make sure that you can see a small padlock in your browser in the place where you enter the URL, ie the address of the website. If we click on this padlock with our mouse, we can also get more information about the certificate.

Pages with an SSL certificate are no longer prefixed with http: // but https: //. Also thanks to the SSL certificate protocol.

Providers usually make the SSL certificate available to sites for an annual or monthly fee, which can range from $ 2,500 to $ 10,000 per year.

I will write about the type of certificates in more detail in another article.

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